Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lost Car Key Made in Philadelphia PA Score !

Lost Car Key Made in Philadelphia PA Score !

Lost Car Key Made in Philadelphia PA Score !


The days of the traveling salesmen are alive and doing well, I know this because I did eighty five thousand miles of it myself this year. You can call me, Theo. Hello to The Car Key Shop Philadelphia PA lost car key group, could I offer you a modern breakthrough in bedding technology? No?  Well how about a story about losing car keys while driving the same car? That got you didn't it? Well I couldn't believe it either. This year has been a good year for me as far as sales goes. Maybe because I expanded my sales territory or maybe the economy is taking a slight turn. Any way I hope it continues this way at least for another four years. I was coming home from Chicago and was stopping often at several diners on the way home so I could enjoy the trip back. At one of the eateries I went in and put my car keys in my jacket pocket and ate at the counter. When I was finished eating I paid at the cash register put my keys down on the counter and left. When I got back to the car I took my keys out of my pocket started the car and continued my journey home. Did you catch that? It happened very quickly. I said “put my keys down on the counter and left.” When I get home my wife said “did you find my keys in your jacket pocket?” That's when it hit me. I had one set of keys in each pocket, her set and mine.

“You did what” she said with a slightly higher tone in her voice. I think I left them on the counter at one of those diners on the way home. So looking to make this problem go away as soon as possible I turned to the internet for a solution. I came across the lost car key maker in Philadelphia PA at and decided to get keys made with them right away instead of going to the dealership to get key copies made. After his arrival to the house and my confession of guilt, he said “Well that's not too bad at least you had another set, that makes my job easier” he said. In almost no time at all he had another set of keys made. He was paid and out the door when my wife called me in for dinner and she never knew he was there. “What are we going to do about this key situation?” she said with a calmer but still stern tone. I grabbed her by the waist kissed her on the cheek, reached around and held out the keys and said “What key situation?” SCORE! Lost car key guy and hubby one, wife . . . zero. Theo.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Woman held at gunpoint during car hijacking

The victim says the man demanded her car keys, which she dropped to the ground. The woman says the suspect then order her to leave the area, ...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Car Keys 'Fished' in Dosthill

A silver Mercedes Kompressor was stolen from outside an address in Kempton Drive, Dosthill after offenders 'fished' the keys through the letterbox.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Police: Newport News man wanted for strangling, assaulting girlfriend

Afterward, she took the car keys from the man because he was intoxicated, she told police. Her boyfriend followed her into the house and pushed her ...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

lost car key mount airy philadelphia pa

lost car key mount airy philadelphia pa

When this happened to me, Lost car keys in a Philadelphia Parking lot,  I knew that I had to tell this story to someone and what better place than The Car Key Shop Online. How about this, a lost car key at a valet parking lot, where the customer loses his own key. I knew you would like that. By the way, my name is Dwight and I'm the manager of the valet parking lot. In this business lost car keys are just a way of life it doesn't happen everyday but it happens. You get a good system to keep that from happening you keep your guys alert and you always have a good locksmith on speed dial. Last night was a busy night but not that unusual considering it was Saturday night. When one of the guys comes in the office and says “boss we have a lost key situation” I ask what the ticket number is so I can try to track the key. This time the answer was I don't know he hasn't given me the ticket yet. What! Then how does he know the key is lost I said to my assistant manager. I go out get the ticket from the customer and ask one of the guys to go find this, meaning find the keys and he comes back driving the car. Then the customer explains that we only had the Valet key and that he had lost his set of keys at the party he had just attended. Whew! Dodged the bullet on that one, or so I thought.

“I'll take care of that right away sir” officially the first time I ever said that about a lost car key and it didn't cost me money. The next thing I did was to make the call to the  car key shop Philadelphia guys. Remember I told you I have them on speed dial. After he came to the office to find out what happened and what car to work on and I told him the story he went right to work. I had the customer wait in the office with me and let him look at the site to entertain him self while the locksmith did his magic. The customer said “this stuff is interesting. Are you going to put me in one of those stories?” I was thinking about it, if you don't mind, I told him. “Sure go for it just make sure you spell my name right.” An hour later the locksmith comes in the office and gives the customer the keys and collects his money. The customer gives him a tip and me a tip and say's “I will be featured in one of your stories at soon my name is Aloysius” pleased to meet you. To the lost car key Philadelphia guy thanks and for the record that's pronounced Al loo wish us.  

​lost car key philadelphia pa


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Children trapped inside locked car are freed by fire crews

Children trapped inside locked car are freed by fire crews ... the door lock button, trapping the girl, an infant and the car keys inside of the vehicle.